Editorial: 3 points about health care law

Published 11:40 am Friday, March 26, 2010

First point:

Just watch.

The health reform that passed this week has angered many people, but after it is implemented there will be major parts of it that Americans on the whole will not ever want to go away.

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Why is that so easy to point out?

There were big fights over Medicare. Now, Americans feel entitled to get it.

Social Security went through the same gauntlet. Now, Americans don’t want it to go away.

Second point:

The health care legislation will help small businesses, and that’s good for America.

It aims to do something about skyrocketing health insurance rates, one of the biggest stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs wanting to get in business and small businesses wanting to expand.

Don’t just take our word for it. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. economist Alec Phillips says the health care measure will lift small businesses and increase jobs.

He told Bloomberg Media that the federal government will provide a tax credit for companies employing fewer than 25 workers to offer insurance. Firms with fewer than 10 workers will receive a 35 percent subsidy to assist with premiums.

To us, the best-sounding part of the legislation is that health-care companies no longer can gauge the consumers just because they can. The measure enables capitalism to drive prices down. And, the last time we checked, competition in the marketplace is supposed to be a good thing.

Third point:

A lot of the lies, distortion and bitter fights over the health care reform in the past year were really over not wanting one party or the other to get credit for its passing or its failing. It was hyperpartisan politics in an age of lightning-quick, hyperbole-spreads-faster-than-truth dialogue.

The true substance of the health care measure finally will come out when it affects you, the American people. That will be the true test of its success.