Mean neighbor blows snow on the house

Published 8:18 am Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How many of you people out there have neighbors who think it’s OK to blow snow against your house or garage? And when they blow snow against your house they cover up your gas meter, dryer vent and even your basement windows, depending how much it snowed.

Well, a friend has a neighbor who is like that. The person doesn’t seem to care. Also, that friend of mine nicely asked his neighbor not to do it, because of the problems it would cause by covering up the dryer vent, gas meter and even the basement windows. And she comes up with the excuse that if you don’t want the snow blown against the house, then you come over here and snow blow my driveway.

And then when you ask her why can’t she have the snow blown over here. She said, what do you want me to do, draw you a map? I can’t seem to understand how people can be so mean. I thought neighbors were supposed to get along and help each other out whenever possible. All this person does is create problems when you blow snow against her house. Maybe the police should tell these people the first time that somebody is going to jail if this doesn’t stop.

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Dave Lee

Albert Lea