Pray for healing of those with autism

Published 9:00 am Monday, April 12, 2010

Pray for healing of those with autism

April is Autism Awareness Month, and I have a son with autism, about whom I wrote a poem. I wanted to send it to you so you can post it in honor of those battling this diagnosis and praying through all of the research in hopes for healing. Thank you in advance.

“God’s Eyes”

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At first it was shocking,

Devastating to say the least.

Your child is on the spectrum,

Those words brought me to my knees.

I heard her say autism,

The rest became a blur.

My world had stopped that moment,

Full-blown is all I heard.

My baby isn’t perfect,

Of course that I knew.

But now I’m told he’s broken,

What life will he go through?

Immediately I started research,

To learn what he’s up against.

I googled and I studied,

The library’s new best friend.

Then one day I paused to ask God,

As if to question him.

Lord, why can’t he be normal?

Why can’t he be set free?

His answer came so very clear.

Who are you to question me?

I made him MY normal,

A replica of me.

Watch and see how he sees life,

Compared to this “normal” society.

He can not judge status,

He sees no colored skin,

He doesn’t care to bully,

Or care if you’re too thin.

He only wants to love you,

Learn to stop judging him.

Stop and see my beauty,

Of his difference from within.

I then began to notice,

How I too wanted more

To see the world through autism,

So innocent and pure.

So many people say “I’m sorry,

For this burden you must bear.”

To them I write this message,

Of challenge, if you dare.

Stop and take a moment,

To see your world autistically.

There you will find God,

And how he truly wants you to be.

Amanda Buchanan