Yoking Brotherhood of Central, East Freeborn Lutheran

Published 8:24 am Friday, April 9, 2010

The Yoking Brotherhood from Central and East Freeborn Lutheran Church held their last meeting of the season Tuesday evening March 23 at Central Freeborn Lutheran Church. Thirty-nine people were present.

After recognition of the sons, daughters and grandchildren present, a meal of Godfather’s pizza with pop was served buffet style with a no limit clause.

After the secretary and treasurer reports were given, President Gordy Rasmussen went to the election-selection of officers for the next year. Then one could hear the faint sound of a train coming down the track. Somehow the train got derailed with Rasmussen announcing Norwegian bingo was starting right now. Net result was the current officers would have a closed meeting this fall to railroad in the officers.

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Twelve games of Norwegian bingo were played. The family getting the most bingos was Roger Peterson followed by the family of Wayne Indrelie, a close second. The 13th game was rigged so all those previously not getting bingo got a bingo.

The evening concluded with the Lord’s Prayer led by the Rev. Matt Griggs.