American Bank and Walmart step up to aid tornado victims

Published 9:40 am Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two local businesses joined the growing list of businesses to step up and help victims through the work of The Salvation Army this week.

The first, American Bank, has set up an account to receive donations for direct services for victims.

According to a Salvation Army news release, “American Bank representative Heather Janzig contacted The Salvation Army early Monday expressing their staff’s desire to be a part of the ‘easing the pain’ of those that have been affected.”

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“Many of the victims are customers of ours,” she stated.

Mike Keeren of the Albert Lea Walmart has also arranged to provide The Salvation Army with pallets of water and Gatorade. The beverages will be distributed through the Salvation Army’s mobile canteens.

As of Monday night, disaster response teams with the Salvation Army had served more than 5,000 meals, more than 12,000 drinks, more than 4,000 snacks to people in need.

Residents of affected areas are asked to call The Salvation Army if services are needed.

If residents are working on clean up and need hydration, they are urged to call The Salvation Army with their location. If people would like to make a donation to these efforts they may take it to either The Salvation Army corps office or either branch of the American Bank.

The Salvation Army can be reached at 373-5710.