What’s going on with daughter’s baby?

Published 10:10 am Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am writing in reference to House File 1709. I do not understand if this bill was enacted or why the Department of Human Services has no knowledge on this. I was told and hung up on at the Capitol that it is up to the county to see it’s followed. I have a family member who was 24 hours old taken from the hospital and placed directly in foster care. No family members were contacted, and I have her brother and sister with me. I am the grandmother. I have been told of the wrongdoings they did, but nothing I could do. Her family has not seen her. We wanted her and she was adopted to a family before the relative search was complete. I have the dated letter. They say she is special needs, but she is not. They give the adopted parents money to adopt her. We wanted her and we were shut completely out. I was the power of attorney for my daughter. How can they not follow policies, rules and laws and get by with taking a baby away? Her brother and sister never ever got to visit or see her. What should be done about Human Services and legislation and policy enforcement and adoption?

Kim A. Reed


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