Editorial: Thumbs

Published 8:51 am Saturday, September 11, 2010

UP — To Waldorf College.

Talk about some great news. Having a college hockey program play and practice at City Arena is much better than having a Junior A hockey team. Instead of players hoping to get into a college program, the City Arena will be home to players actually in a college program. Waldorf is based in Forest City, Iowa, but with its proximity to hockey-loving Albert Lea — it is 36 miles from the college to the arena — the decision to play here seems wise and sensible. Plus, we feel a college team is something Albert Lea hockey fans really can rally around, and the purchase of ice time at the City Arena offsets the cost of ice maintenance. The only bad news in this deal is fans will have to wait until fall 2011 to see the action. Go Warriors!

UP — To overcrowding in the elementary schools.

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While indeed this is a bad thing in one sense, it actually is a good problem to have. Hawthorne, Lakeview and Sibley are at or above capacity. While we always side with small class sizes in the elementary grades, it is good to see a decent pupil count coming up the pipeline, namely because state funding is based on the number of pupils a district has. The school board has several options to consider regarding moving a class, most likely sixth-graders, to another school. We urge parents to let their opinions be known. This is an important issue that deserves community input.

UP — To a healthy harvest.

Despite the wet summer crop specialists agree it will be a healthy harvest, and early. A good growing season is good for the economy.