Seedorf’s column was the best ever

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I read Julie Seedorf’s Monday, Sept. 13, article with great interest. I consider it the best she has ever written. My heart goes out to her and anyone dealing with the sad, sad illness of Alzheimer’s disease. Julie Seedorf must never feel guilty; she did everything anyone could do in a “no-win” situation, and that is all anyone can do. She loved and cared for her mom through a most difficult time.

Being an only child does put a burden on a person, a burden which is better shared with several siblings. I was a seventh child in a family of nine kids. I am going to be 90 years old next March and have three wonderful loving sisters. All in their 90s. May God continue to bless us all.

Viola Ladwig

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Albert Lea