Wilson doesn’t get into the mud

Published 8:50 am Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This campaign season certainly has been sobering. Seems like during every election cycle people shake their heads, and wonder how the campaign ads could get any dirtier — but they do. I can’t stand to watch much more than the news without my stomach turning.

Candidates realize is that negative campaign ads work. What voters may not realize is how they work. If Candidate A uses nasty ads against Candidate B, it doesn’t mean there will be more votes for Candidate A. It means that more voters in general, particularly supporters of Candidate B, will simply become sick of the whole political process and not show up to vote. In doing so, Candidate A can win the election by persuading a smaller number of voters. Perhaps it’s time to step up and call this for what it really is — “anti-democracy.” I would encourage all voters to do their homework, using whatever resources you can to get at where candidates really stand on issues.  All of the ads currently running don’t tell you a thing.

I would wish to lift up Steven Wilson, the Independence Party’s candidate for Congress, as an excellent example of positive, solutions-based campaigning. Steve, together with several of the other IP candidates, have taken an honorable stand against these “anti-democratic” campaign techniques. I hope voters will reward them by at least taking a good look at where they stand on the issues.

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Don Carlson