Policy from 1931

Published 9:06 am Saturday, January 1, 2011

Louise Ashleson is pictured with Randy Cirksena, State Farm Insurance agent, and David Vetch, agency field executive. -- Submitted photo

Louise Ashleson presented an original life policy that was taken out on the life of her former sister-in-law, Leatrice Mae (Ashleson) Spilde. The policy was purchased by Mr. B. H. Ashleson for his daughter, Leatrice, 3, of rural Albert Lea, on June 6, 1931. The policy number is 6731. The original amount of $13.60 was submitted to bind the policy, which was too much and a partial payment of $1.62 was sent back. In the middle of the Great Depression these were significant amounts of money. The policy is a testament to strong foundational work in State Farm Insurance’s Life Company. The original policy, home office receipt, voucher for check to return the over payment and the mailing envelope in which the policy was sent from Bloomington, Ill., complete with the original postmark of July, 9, 1931, are framed. The documents are approximately 79 years old. In the above photo Ashleson is holding a photo of Spilde, who passed away this year.