School Matters: Solo/Ensemble contest

Published 9:39 am Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Jan. 29 more than 160 members of the Albert Lea High School music department participated in the state section solo/ensemble contest at Lakeville South High School. The contest is sponsored by the Minnesota State High School League and allows students to perform solos and small ensembles before a certified adjudicator. Students were accompanied by Joel Vano, Robert Tewes and Diane Heaney.


Concert choir contest participants.

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The following students earned superior ratings:


Zack Wilke for soprano saxophone solo; Katie Callahan for clarinet solo; Colleen Thompson for clarient solo; Maria Silva for flute solo; Kelsey Lenhart for clarinet solo; Emily Stoneking for tenor saxophone solo; Talia Barber for euphonium solo; Matt Attig for trumpet solo.


Zach Wilke, Jessica Sanderson, Emily Stoneking and Chris Weniger for saxophone ensemble; Jon Kreun, Michelle Hartmann, Sami Klapperick, Allison Scott, Ivan Alvarez and Brady Folven for saxophone ensemble; Kelsey Lenhart, Colleen Thompson, Brittany Schreiber, Joy Berglund, Emily Stoneking, Letisia Rodriguez and Kelly Schroeder for clarinet ensemble; Kadie Habana, Bethany Sekora, Courtney Hanna and Lacey Snyder for flute quartet; Katie Callahan, Rebecca Allen, Allison Fitzlaff and Kaylee Peterson for clarinet quartet.

The following students earned excellent ratings:

Symphonic band musicians.


Ray Stephenson for timpani; Ray Stephenson for mallet solo; Chris Weniger for baritone saxophone solo; Joey Henderson for trumpet solo.


Christine Peterson, Shelby Illg, Kim Schiltz and Sarah Hoverson for flute quartet; Jalen Jimenez, Maria Silva, Abby Pleiss and Megan Bos for flute quartet; Bethany Sekora and Kadie Habana for flute duet; Chelsea Petersen, Matt Buhr, Claire Buendorf, Kayla Swee, Talia Barber and Colby Fjeldberg for brass sextet; Matt Attig, Joey Henderson, Alex Wieland, Dan Cardona, Ashley Petersen, Stuart Behling, Ella Otten, Griffin Wangen, Josh Piper, Jason Appel, Addison Thomas, Parker Hanna, Nick Walther and Colin Bishop for brass ensemble; Zach Wilke, Jessica Sanderson, Emily Stoneking, Jon Kreun, Chris Weniger, Chelsea Petersen, Lindsey Stewart, Matt Buhr, Joey Henderson, Kelli Sanderson, Kayla Swee, Josh Piper, Talia Barber, Addison Thomas, Nick Walther, Ray Stephenson, Holly Ryks, Michelle Hartmann, Alex Nielsen and Tim Stoneking for jazz band; Ray Stephenson, Tim Stoneking, Kent Thostenson, Alycia Hall, Abby Barickman, Holly Ryks, Michelle Hartmann, Kelsey Thomas, Ashley Schoonover, Chelsey Rynerson and Alex Nielsen for percussion ensemble.

The following students earned good ratings:

Concert band and orchestra students.


Robin Crawford, Lani Hanson and Kaylee Peterson for mixed woodwind trio.


The Albert Lea High School orchestra had 12 students participating. Students performed their solo or ensemble for a judge who listened to and then scored them based on rhythm, pitch, technique and other criteria. Orchestra students all received superior or excellent ratings. The Albert Lea chamber orchestra consists of the following members:

Jolene Anderson, Tyler Egge, Alexa McCune, Erin Murtaugh, Alex Nielsen, Jessie Olson, Julia Otten, Addison Petersen, Courtney Stewart and Alex VanVooren received a superior rating on their performance of Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” arranged by James McLeod. Seniors Courtney Stewart and Alexa McCune received an excellent rating on their duet. Tyler Egge, Elisa Marin and Addison Petersen received superior ratings on their solos. Abby LeBrun, Erin Murtaugh, Alex Nielsen, Jessie Olson, Julia Otten and Alex VanVooren received excellent ratings on their solos.


Varsity choir soloists.

Vocal solo events earning superior ratings are Amanda Bergland, Derik DeVries, Sean Laurie, Kyle Zogg, Kayla Swee, Jessica Vano, Michelle Hartmann, Anthony Tate, Brooke Thompson, Lani Hanson, Taylor Peek, Sammy Hutchins, Abby Pleiss, Claire Buendorf, Emily Stoneking, Erick Anderson, Macy Paul, Matt Buhr, Mollie Hernandez, Colleen Thompson, Erin Everhard, Alexa McCune, Kelsey Lenhart, Jessica Sanderson, Matt Attig, Gretta Johnson, Zach Wilke, Alik Smed, and Holly Ryks.

Samantha Stanley and Ashley Tewes’ duet, Courtney Stewart, Kayla Swee and Alexa McCune’s trio, the chorale, and the CATaclysmic show choir all received superior ratings.


Alissa Allison, Marleny Huerto-Apanco, Nick Bera, Christine Peterson, Kelli Sanderson, Karli Kriewall, Galen Schulz, Megan Haukoos, Ella Otten, Zach Battleson, Holly Raben, Morgan Ciota, Sergio Salgado, Nick Walther, Chelsea Petersen, Courtney Stewart, Ashley Petersen and Alison Sipple earned excellent ratings.

Talia Barber and Chrissy Monson both earned good ratings for solos.


Macy Paul and Anthony Tate’s vocal duet, Alayna Wood and Logan Wood’s vocal duet, and Zach Battleson and Matt Boelman’s vocal duet earned excellent ratings.

Holly Ryks, Mollie Hernandez, Zach Wilke and Dan Edwards’ mixed quartet and Logan Tufte, Tim Stoneking, Anthony Tate and Andrew Schewe’s male quartet earned excellent ratings.