Stripper vs. stripper at knifepoint in Austin

Published 12:08 pm Friday, February 11, 2011

AUSTIN — An exotic dancer was allegedly robbed at knifepoint in her Austin home Thursday morning around 3 a.m.

The woman told police she had let in one of her co-workers to use the bathroom early Thursday morning. After using the bathroom, her co-worker, also a woman, asked for a glass of water. She then came out of the kitchen holding a butcher knife and held it to the woman’s throat, demanding she give her all her cash.

The woman directed the assailant to her wallet that was carrying $75 in cash. The woman allegedly took the money and left with the man who had accompanied her.

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Police Capt. Dave McKichan said the matter is under investigation and the suspect has yet to be located. However, the suspect did not show up to work the day after the robbery.

The report has been forwarded to the county attorney for charges upon apprehension.