Editorial: Closing parks? Let’s not go there

Published 9:07 am Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Minnesota State Parks are meant to be places to get away and find peace and enjoyment. They belong to the people, and the people pay their taxes and pay for permits and fees just to enjoy them.

A GOP budget proposal would result in the Department of Natural Resources closing campgrounds at up to 10 state parks. The term being used is “mothballing” the parks until state finances improve.

What is this state coming to? Each legislative session lawmakers work proficiently at reducing the DNR budget more and more. It’s already at bare-bones status. What more do lawmakers expect? A complete shutdown of the department?

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We’re not going to fix Minnesota by cutting quality of life. Minnesotans always have cherished their outdoors and their treasured landscapes and waterways. We’re going to fix Minnesota by making sure the wealthiest Minnesotans pay their fair share.

We’ve starved the beast for eight years, and it’s just not working. The “status quo” has been cuts, cuts, cuts — and Minnesota is no better off. It’s time to look at the tax code and rethink the revenue side of state government.

And let’s get real. Let’s keep the parks and the campgrounds going.