Pestorious does what is right

Published 2:46 pm Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tony Pestorious is the better choice for 5th District county commissioner for several reasons, but all those reasons can be categorized under one word — integrity. I have had the good fortune of knowing Tony for my entire life. Simply stated, he consistently does what is right for those around him and those who need him. He is perceptive, community-minded, patient and tenacious. Examples of these qualities can be observed when he communicates with those in his district. You will come away from a conversation with him knowing that you have been really listened to and that, regardless of the outcome, your concerns will be taken seriously, voiced and advocated for.

When it comes to civic concerns, we need people who are logical, steady and ready to do what is right. In short, someone with integrity. When it comes time to vote, Tony Pestorious is the clear choice to make for 5th District county commissioner.

Lisa Hagen

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