Cut somewhere other than band

Published 11:33 am Thursday, April 14, 2011

As of Monday, April 4, it was to my understanding that the purposed grade realignment resulting in the letting go of a particularly good band instructor was not fully resolved yet and the vote was to be done this next Tuesday, April 19. Then if that is the case why is it the superintendent has already announced the letting go of a very good band instructor? Is it that he has already made up his mind, with no going back to view other possible ways to make these cuts somewhere else to the budget. Come on. You always have a choice. Like someone else commented, how many good administrators are being cut?

Why do our teachers have to suffer the cuts? When our good teaching staff suffers, our students suffer. Yes, there maybe more opportunities for the younger students. But I believe our older students are going suffer from these cuts. I know there are other choices and places that we can look at, but we do not want to look beyond those other choices for fear of stepping on someone else’s toes. We are always stressing academics and “leave no child behind.” Yet that seems to be the place we cut. The band department has been hit one too many times; please find other places to do your cuts.

Lori Walther

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Albert Lea