Gov. Dayton is ready for now

Published 9:00 am Monday, April 11, 2011

The Republican state House and Senate have once again positioned themselves to lock step behind their quest to destroy and then privatize public education in Minnesota. There is no honesty in their arguments. These dishonest arguments cannot be taken seriously. They want millions in cuts to the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities college education system.

Gov. Mark Dayton’s destiny is now. It seems like all of the governor’s life experiences have prepared him for this moment. The only honest and serious step for legislators to take would be to close 80 to 90 percent of the $5 billion deficit (a deficit created mainly by Republican Party decisions to deregulate Wall Street and George Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq on credit provided by the largest communist nation on the planet) by leveling the playing field where the whealthy finally get back on track with paying their fair share of Minnesota taxes.

Will our new District 27A state representative lock step behind the dishonesty and lack of seriousness of his Republican Party caucus or will he speak out in an honest and serious manner to endorse the governor’s budget to raise taxes on the whealthy? Will our representative go along with his caucus and threaten to shut down state government if they don’t get their cuts to the University of Minnesota and MNSCU colleges? Which side will our representative be on? The side of his Republican Party caucus or the side of his constituents?

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Public education is the last bastion of our democracy. Gov. Dayton needs to hear from all of us. We have seen how strong our governor can be. Gov. Dayton, your destiny appears to be to create an even stronger public education system in Minnesota. Take a moment to write and call the governor and let him know that we all have his back.

Ted Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea