Young men exhibit class

Published 9:30 am Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Recently, many politicians have been criticizing young people and claiming that we have a poor educational system. In fact, they seem to be placing blame for our hard times on these groups. I believe the following incident will prove them wrong.

Last week was my wife’s funeral. She and our grandson, Marc Kruger, were very close. Five of his high school senior friends (all members of the Albert Lea High School basketball team) in a show of support attended the funeral.

These young men exhibited class, reverence and dignity throughout the time they were present.

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I would like to commend Josh Eisenbraun, Aaron Klatt, Silas Randall, Alik Smed and Cameron Solie on their thoughtfulness, respect and support. They are excellent examples of what is good about young people and our educational system.

God bless you.

Rod Zimmerman