Don’t vote for hate in 2012

Published 7:15 am Friday, June 17, 2011

Concerning Ms. Rebecca Fredrickson’s letter: I would just like to state it quite bluntly, sexuality is not a lifestyle choice. Exercising on a regular basis is a lifestyle; deciding to smoke and drink is a lifestyle; you do not choose what gender you find attractive.

At the root of it, the concern over same-sex marriage is a prejudice issue. As someone who is getting married in a few weeks, I find the moral wrong would be on my part if I prohibit two normal adults from getting married. If you have religious scripture that prohibits it, congratulations — you’ve got an argument for prohibiting same-sex marriage in your church. However, if two people would like to legally become Mr. and Mr. John Doe, I don’t want to be the one stopping them from the same rights I’m entitled to. Please keep your hate at home when you head to the voting booth.

Thomas Delano

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Albert Lea