Editorial: Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Published 9:06 am Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holy moly! It’s hot.

They say in Minnesota people don’t have to travel to other places because the weather from other places comes here.

Monday was hot, muggy and lacked any wind. That was Southern weather, perhaps South Carolina, Georgia or Alabama.

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Tuesday was hot, windy and not nearly so humid. That was the inland West, like the eastern slopes of the Rockies, Sierra Nevada or Cascades, where air through mountain passes can lead to constant wind.

This state experiences Gulf Coast humidity, Arctic cold blasts, Kansas thunderstorms, Alberta clippers, Mojave heat waves and on and on. It’s like we are being knocked around a boxing ring by pugilists in each direction.

That’s OK, though. Minnesotans love to keep tabs on the weather, and, boy, the weather sure does find ways to keep us entertained. The seasons change here, and they never seem to be the same as the previous year, either. We wouldn’t live here if we didn’t like the crazy weather.

By the way, what happened to May? It seemed this spring jumped from two months of April right to June. Or would you call this July weather? It’s getting hard to keep track.