Editorial: Maintain local government aid

Published 9:47 am Thursday, June 2, 2011

Special session. It stinks.

State government shutdown. It stinks.

Nobody likes the situation in St. Paul. Nobody like how it will impact cities, counties, schools and constituents.

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In this year of uncertainties at the Capitol, we would like to remind legislators of the utmost importance of local government aid. We need this funding as part of a property tax equalization formula approved decades ago with bipartisan support and with wisdom.

It is not welfare. It is simply relief from high property taxes for places that don’t have property wealth. It is a return on the taxes we send to St. Paul already. The roads work both ways, not just for Interstate 35, but for the sharing of revenue.

Cutting LGA further would cut into necessary services in many cities, including Albert Lea.

We urge our legislators to make this a line in the sand. Always remember that the platform of representatives and senators from the Twin Cities suburbs does not mesh with the needs of Greater Minnesota.