Editorial: Thumbs

Published 1:07 pm Saturday, June 18, 2011

Editorial: Thumbs

To fathers.

Fathers seem to get a bum rap. Somehow, bad fathers can give all fathers a poor name, while bad mothers do not reflect poorly on all mothers. Today, let’s think about all the worthy dads, the ones loyal to their wives, true to their children and toiling hard at work, at home and in the community. These are the men who we meet and count on every day, for they are the reliable, steady, good-hearted fellows. They are the humble and wise family men. Thanks for being there.

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To entrenched warfare in St. Paul.

Yes, both Democrats and Republicans disagree. But there also is a foul stench of anger and bitterness in the fight. That results in an unwillingness to see things from opposite viewpoints and a total disregard for ways compromises have been reached in the past. Let’s hope they come out of this and find an amenable solution before the shutdown date of July 1.

To people taking greater caution with tornadoes and thunderstorms.

It was good to read a story Friday where survivors of the tornado outbreak last June share tips on getting ready for destructive tornadoes. These include having a plan and making sure there is a safe place in a basement free of breakable glass. One we found to be smart was the tip of making sure people seeking shelter wear their shoes and daytime clothing. Going to the basement in pajamas probably wouldn’t be handy after all your stuff is blown several miles away.