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Published 9:30 am Saturday, July 16, 2011

Volunteers organize food received at the Project Green Light event. -- Submitted photo

Project Green Light, an idea from Alix Kermes and Sage Kermes, had its kickoff event June 25. Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services donated 4,000 lightbulbs to 4-H clubs in Freeborn County and Mower County. Around 700 people were involved in distributing the bulbs in the two counties. In return, 4-H members collected food items for the Salvation Army, $278 in donations to the Salvation Army and recycled more than 1,400 bulbs. The Salvation Army was on hand to thank the 4-H members and Freeborn Mower Coop. The Kermes sisters hope to take their project to more coops and 4-H clubs in the state of Minnesota and beyond.

For more details contact Mary Nelson at Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services or Alix Kermes at 507-402-1565.

Various 4-H clubs show off their signs at the Project Green Light event. -- Submitted photo


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Volunteers spent the morning at Salvation Army volunteering and weighing the food brought in on Saturday.

In total 1,148 pounds of food (1,255 food items), $278 in donations, and 1,356 old bulbs have been collected so far for Project Green Light for Freeborn and Mower Counties. Some clubs are still contacting organizers to get more items that weren’t able to be turned in at the Saturday collection.

Some Freeborn County Salvation Army Food Shelf facts:

They helped put together 12 boxes with 22 to 25 pounds each in them for a total of 300 pounds of food. This is done every morning before noon. In addition families are given a few bakery, meat, frozen food or produce items. The boxes are given out Monday through Friday. Each day between 1,200 to 1,500 pounds of food is given out. Other weekly donors include Nelson’s Market Place who gives baked goods five times a week. A huge contributor is also Walmart with its Feed America program. They donate three times a week for an average of 1,200 to 1,500 pounds of food a week.

Two to three volunteers could be used Monday through Friday to help fill the daily boxes and stock the shelves. It doesn’t take long to get everything done with more people helping. Volunteers spent three hours there, and the time flew by.

The Albert Lea Salvation Army also feeds approximately 100 a day at lunch plus an open site for kids where they feed kids at daily. They make around 50 meals a day for The Rock and around 50 meals for the summer day camp program.

Meat is always an item they can use. They are also currently out of dry beans such as pinto beans.

Thank you to everyone who has made our small program a success, especially Freeborn Mower Cooperative Services for donating the 4,000 CFL bulbs that were given out in exchange for a food item or bulb to recycle.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” — Ghandi

Alix, Sage and Levi Kermes

Organizers of Project Green Light