The recipe hoarder who doesn’t cook

Published 4:00 am Monday, July 25, 2011

Column: Something About Nothing

A Facebook friend posted that reading cooking blogs is like miniature torture sessions because she doesn’t have a kitchen right now. My friend is a mother with children and she likes to cook.

I understand reading cooking blogs. I love to read cooking blogs but it wouldn’t bother me a bit if my kitchen was out of order. It puzzles me as to the reason that I like to read cooking blogs and don’t like to cook.

My fascination with recipes doesn’t end with cooking blogs. I love cookbooks. Not only do I love cookbooks, I like to buy cookbooks. Church cookbooks are a favorite for me to buy. I have new Better Homes & Gardens cookbooks and the old ones. I pick up cookbooks at garage sales. I have been known to subscribe to Taste of Home, Simple & Delicious and pick up the cookbooks of these same magazines.

I also have stacks of the soft cover Pillsbury Cookbooks. I think I have bought every year of the Pillsbury Bakeoff cookbook.

You might think I am a cookbook hoarder. You might ask the question “Why would someone that doesn’t like to cook buy cookbooks?

I have pared down many of my cookbooks by selling them on eBay. I don’t fit the cookbook hoarder category. I don’t have any problem getting rid of cookbooks.

I honestly can’t answer the other question. I don’t know why I buy cookbooks. It could be the mouth-watering pictures. It could be that I have dreams of becoming another Paula Deen since I do have her pots and pans. Maybe I need a cookbook collector special kind of Dr. Phil type person to help me analyze my cookbook collectoritis.

Or perhaps I need a plan to try all of the recipes and then I could blog about it, except my past blogging endeavors haven’t been too successful because of time constraints. I also would have to live to be thousands of years old to try the recipes in all of my cookbooks.

I have another little secret. I do hoard recipes from magazines. I tear them out and put them in a special folder or more than one special folder. Once in a while I do try a recipe such as a fish recipe that uses various spices. I love that recipe because fish doesn’t taste fishy. Did I mention I don’t like fishy fish? My family asks me “Why eat fish if you don’t like it to taste like fish?

I do fit the “recipe that got torn from a magazine” hoarder category. I have a hard time throwing away those recipes. I start to sort through the folder to find recipes that I would never make. As I sift though each one I know that somewhere in the future there is the possibility that I could make that recipe. I tuck the recipe back into the folder and the stack of recipes keeps on growing.

I don’t care. I don’t care if I am a magazine recipe hoarder. Don’t send the hoarder people to me. I don’t want to change. I don’t want to cook. I want to keep dreaming about cooking and tasting the delicious recipes that others make for me. Don’t call Dr. Phil. I won’t talk to him. Don’t throw my magazine recipes in the garbage, I will dig them out.

Maybe I will write a blog about hoarding recipes but if I did that I might want to expand my hoarding back to cookbooks too. And then there are also all the recipes that you can print off of the internet. I could make it a full-time job finding delicious recipes to add to my dream recipe hoarding collection.

I hope my friend gets her kitchen back soon so she can try all those delicious recipes on the blog she found. Maybe she will invite me over.

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