Editorial: Thumbs

Published 3:22 pm Saturday, December 10, 2011

Editorial: Thumbs

To people who have been giving to charities.

Whether it is coats to the Jaycees, coins and bills to the Salvation Army kettles or checks to the United Way campaign, we appreciate and commend the givers among us. Generosity at Christmas isn’t simply about buying gifts for loved ones. It also is about giving to people you don’t even know.

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To football rules for excessive celebration that undo scoring plays.

Americans who follow sports heavily were shocked this week at footage of a high school quarterback in Massachusetts whose state-title-winning touchdown was called back for excessive celebration, though the player barely celebrated except for raising an arm at the 20 briefly prior to reaching the end zone. And it was the kid’s birthday, too. There was much talk in the sports world about what constitutes excessive celebration, but the problem is the people who make the rules often don’t play the game. The Massachusetts football rules should be faulted for excessive penalizing. In pro football, excessive celebration doesn’t undo a play. The penalty is 15 yards lost on the ensuing kickoff. Ripping the state title out of the arms of a team over a raised arm is preposterous.

To people who attend school concerts.

This is the season of holiday music concerts at the schools, big or small, young or old. It is good that parents and other people attend school concerts. Community support of school programs is important. Some parents tells us, however, there is a problem at some elementary schools — where the shows take place in gyms — of parents walking around too much during the songs, blocking views and not being quiet enough to let other parents hear their kids. It’s strange how people will be respectful of getting up between songs at an auditorium, yet not in a gymnasium. Be courteous at a show. Do your moving around when the performers stop.