Family frustrated with care center

Published 9:10 am Friday, December 16, 2011

First of all I want to send my condolences out to Herbert Drescher’s family. I know how tough it is to lose somebody you love, especially when it “might” have been avoided. I live in Owatonna and my mother was also “overdosed” at Owatonna Care Center, which at the time in 2008 was Infinia.

(The Associated Press moved a story on Drescher and the Owatonna Care Center on Dec. 2.)

My sister and I filed many complaints to Infinia’s administration, two of which were resident grievance/complaint forms. We turned them into the administrator, director of nursing and director of social services.

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We didn’t get any results even after showing them all the incompetence in their paperwork, which I have copies to back up the alleged overdose. After no results, we then called Steele County Human Services, who “suggested” we contact Minnesota Department of Health, which we did.

Minnesota Department of Health “suggested” we contact the Minnesota Board of Nursing since our concern was directed at a nurse, which we did. Minnesota Department of Health also forwarded our paperwork because they “believed our concerns may be more specifically addressed by the Minnesota Board of Nursing.” We made numerous calls to them also, explaining all the facts and giving them the names of the nurses that were present at the time this was all discovered.

We came to find out these two nurses were not even interviewed! Instead the lady that was sent to investigate had lunch with administration and did not even talk about the problem. She was sent to interview and investigate our major concerns and most importantly interview our main two witnesses, which she did not because one of the witnesses was present at the lunch.

I am very frustrated that “another overdose” happened. That nursing home has had numerous complaints and been listed as one of the worst in Minnesota. The state has come in many times, had 33-plus deficiencies and now another death, which maybe could have been avoided if only the state took action four years ago? And what’s really sad is who knows how many other overdoses or mistakes have happened.


Monique Brunner