Editorial: Thumbs

Published 7:56 am Sunday, January 8, 2012

Editorial: Thumbs

To a brand new year.

We hope 2012 brings you happiness, healthiness and prosperity. And we hope in the new year you decide to volunteer in the community or keep volunteering like you have been. Volunteerism is a major part of what binds people into a safe and sound community. Ask at your local school, favorite nonprofit, service club or church. Be a good Samaritan in 2012.


To a lack of NCAA football playoffs.

It is plain silly that Division I college football ends in an array of bowl games and fighting over who really is the champion. The college-level follies must give a boost annually to the NFL playoffs, presumably by football fans who like clear winners and losers, clear champions, clear rules.


To Karol Held.

We remember the year this strong woman made the rounds in Albert Lea on behalf of the United Way of Freeborn County, with her grown daughter at her side. Though she hailed from tiny Fonda, Iowa, she was as proud to be an Albert Lean as anyone can be. She spoke highly of how this community collaborates to get projects done.


To the Golden K II Kiwanis Club.

This little service club doesn’t submit to the newspaper every little donation it makes — though we like it when clubs do — so we wanted to give a little extra recognition to this shrinking club for the efforts it makes. It recently donated to the Freeborn County Historical Museum, the United Way of Freeborn County, the Salvation Army Food Pantry, The Children’s Center, Youth for Christ and Freeborn County Red Cross, just to name of few. Thanks, guys.


To the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Hey, $1 million is nothing to balk at. No matter how you look at it, this grant from the state Department of Natural Resources to the Shell Rock River Watershed District is a good thing for the community. By redirecting storm water in the Stables area, it will help to stem some of the flooding and high lake waters. And it helps with the local effort to amend the water and sewer issues the Stables subdivision has.


To Jack Jablonski.

The state and the nation have been quick to show support to this 16-year-old sophomore from Benilde-St. Margaret’s. Jablonski was severly injured last week when he was checked from behind in a hockey game. His parents and doctors said it’s unlikely he’ll ever walk again. Thumbs up to the University of Minnesota men’s hockey team who raised money at last night’s game against Notre Dame.