A dream come true

Published 9:50 am Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Danielle Wertman stands in her home among pieces she has crocheted. -- Brandi Hagen/Albert Lea Tribune

Right before her eyes, Danielle Wertman’s passion for crocheting turned into her own business, Dani’s Joy Crochet Creations.

“It is my dream job,” Wertman said. “I never thought anyone would buy the stuff. It’s been crazy and I’m still in shock it’s come to this.”

Some of the pieces Wertman has crocheted include headbands, leggings and hats.

Last August, Wertman, a stay-at-home mom, set about crocheting a sock monkey hat for her expecting sister-in-law Kristin Larson.

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Upon seeing the finished product, Wertman felt like she had a calling and it was something she needed to keep doing. With encouragement from Larson, Wertman took up the challenge.

Since August she has made more than 30 yarn pieces including leggings, hats, diaper covers, a bowtie and suspender outfit, coffee cozies, headbands and a petti romper.

The hats aren’t basic beanies either. Wertman has crocheted cowboy, firefighter, newsboy and several cartoon-character-themed hats.

“I’m really impressed with how creative she is,” Larson said. “I can’t believe all the stuff she can do.”

Wertman said she has been so busy with orders since word first got out about her talent that she doesn’t even have time to make items to keep as inventory.

Wertman was first taught how to crochet by her mother as a way for the two to bond. Wertman started by making simple things like blankets and scarves.

Now, she looks to Etsy, an online marketplace of handmade items and other Internet sites for ideas and patterns. For some of the things she crochets she simply pictures it herself and comes up with a way to make it.

A perfectionist, Wertman said she it is unbelievable how many times she rips a project apart and starts over.

“I probably make hats four times before I’m happy,” Wertman said.


 Danielle Wertman

Age: 35
Address: 2445 S.E. Marshall St., Albert Lea
Livelihood: crocheting
Family: husband Vince; children Kaitlyn, 15, and Andrew, 8
Interesting fact: Danielle has over 200 skeins of yarn on hand at her home.