Christ’s message lost in the shuffle

Published 9:09 am Tuesday, May 22, 2012


For someone attempting to be nonjudgmental, David Larson’s letter to the editor regarding Christians, the Bible and homosexuality was quite the opposite. Was he not judging others who may not view the issue the same as he? David Larson was simply using scripture to defend his judgment of others. That said, I disagree with David Larson, that throughout history Christians have difficulty agreeing on what Jesus is calling us to do. Jesus has always been quite clear with his message. The problem is how we choose to hear his message.

The issue is rather socially acceptable interpretations of Christ’s message. This is where problems occur. Those opposed to the homosexual lifestyle can quote scripture they feel defends their position; in contrast, proponents can do the same. Somewhere in there is Christ’s true message. Christians throughout history have become complacent and desensitized accepting and justifying any and most new social fads; this with help of the Internet and media. It is neither easy nor popular to hold on to the foundation Christ put in place. We are all children of God. From a social standpoint we are all free to live how we choose — free will. From Christ’s view, however, how we chose to live can and will be judged only by him.

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Rebecca Fredrickson