The worst since Jimmy Carter

Published 10:23 am Thursday, July 12, 2012

Why were Mason City gas prices not listed on June 19? In recent weeks, it was $3.06 when I was there, versus $3.50 in Albert Lea. Taxes are less in Iowa but not that much! (Even Northwood, Iowa, was $3.30 gallon on June 18.)

Rich Murray and the Minnesota legislative majority have done a great job on deficit defeating, funding basic government and seeking to improve Minnesota tax and job climate. The big problem in Minnesota is our big-spending, big-taxing, big-city, stubborn, shutdown, millionaire governor!

President Barack Obama has been called our worst U.S. president since Jimmy Carter, but he is worse! Jobs, medical, big-deficit, big-spending policies that stifle jobs and increase subsidy for social problems. Yet he seeks to buy political support with our tax money; this needs to stop. A new U.S. president, Mitt Romney in 2012 can bring private expertise and being governor of a major state to the table. Cut domestic government spending and programs!

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Today often well-off people marry each other and then have kids. Less well-off people often don’t marry before having kids, and government encourages that by subsidy of education, food, housing, day care, utilities, medical etc. As the single parent population grows people decry inequality not government subsidy of poor lifestyles that support them. Adoption is a better choice for the unmarried why not promote that?

What happened to voting only by persons who had legally registered 30 days before our election as the best way to prevent fraud and floating voting? Legal ID would be presented at polls.

One-man-one-woman legal marriage seems simple and not something judges should be able to void, as in Iowa. If not, plural marriage, reincarnation, marriage to animals all could be on the table as judges might allow them. Let us support traditional paternity type marriage in Minnesota.

In Wisconsin, teachers and some public employees have been freed from forced-fee slavery. More than 40,000 have been liberated from money being taken from their pay! When will Minnesota free workers pay from forced fees? Choice and meet and confer is a better plan!


Tom Schlock

Albert Lea