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America needs tax reform

One of the bedrock principles we hold in America is the rule of law.

To me, that means fairness, where everyone is treated equally, and no one is offered special status or perks. If you want to maintain a fair tax system, you have to stop giving your cronies tax loop holes. When politicians give special treatment to their supporters, “bundlers” and cronies, we all feel betrayed, because we know it’s unfair.

How can President Barack Obama and Rep. Tim Walz call for increased taxes on higher income wage earners when they won’t truly consider tax reform? I checked Walz’s website, and he has one paragraph about tax issues, and calls voting for a reduction in FICA withholding taxes and tax reform.

Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan are calling for a fairer, flatter and simpler tax system, which is the true tax reform we need, including an across-the-board tax cut, and the elimination of the “death tax.”

We should call on our politicians to simplify the tax code, bring true fairness to taxes and eliminate taxes on already taxed wealth. We should all be able to build an estate to pass on to our children without government taking it.


Keith Bruzelius