Freeborn County giving up a voice

Published 8:55 am Monday, September 3, 2012

On Aug. 27, I attended the South Country Health Alliance 10th anniversary and open house as the organization has relocated all staff to one new location in the industrial park area on the northwest side of town. It is basically an insurance business covering people in 12 counties who receive federal and state supported health care.

Sen. David Senjem spoke. His comments concluded that: “SCHA was able to coalesce services by various providers; it provides economical health care services, is a model of what government wants to happen; it’s a county model that has been productive with studies to show that it is working; it is a high quality, first-class organization showing that counties can work together.”

Freeborn County residents continue to receive health care services through it. A former Freeborn County Department of Human Services staff member, Leota Lind, is now its CEO. However, unfortunately, Freeborn County has withdrawn and no longer has a voice in its governance and participation in other aspects of its operation.

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Darryl Meyer

retired director

Freeborn County Department of Human Services

Albert Lea