Vote yes and maintain rights

Published 9:40 am Monday, September 10, 2012

Minnesotans, use your voice. Don’t lose it!

In defining marriage we are doing more than merely stating its meaning. The word “define” also means to “express the essential nature of a person or thing.” The essential nature of marriage has, since the beginning of time, been understood to encompass a male/female union. Do you want an activist judge or our state Legislature to have the ability to take such a far-reaching step as to change this definition without taking into account the voice of the people? Passing the marriage amendment will keep that important right with us, the people. What does your vote on the marriage amendment mean?

If you vote yes, you are voting to maintain the right to have a say in defining marriage — for yourself, the people of Minnesota, and future generations.

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If you vote no, you are voting to allow judges and the state Legislature to define marriage for you and your children.

Leaving the ballet blank on this issue is equal to a no vote. This also will give others the option to define marriage for you. Vote yes and encourage your friends and relatives who will vote in Minnesota in November to do the same. Then we will not have relinquished this right to a few, and we will all continue to have a voice.


Mary Thom

New Ulm