What direction is Minn. going?

Published 11:16 am Wednesday, October 31, 2012

As in the time of Abe Lincoln, we now have a difficult choice in the upcoming election. This choice is between two divergent factions of people. As a voter, we must study the two different theories in order to be fully informed. True, all candidates are not ideologues, but both national parties represent an ideology that is totally different. This difference and this election will determine the choice of a future nation and world that are completely opposite. I encourage you to read at least one of the following American writers: Arron Klein, Eric Shawn, Thomas L. Friedman, Richard Cloward, Francis Pivon, Saul Alinsky, Eric Breindel, F.A. Hayek, Mark R. Levin and/or Sally C. Pipes.

Quo vadis, Minnesota? In the 1990s the U.S. representatives and the president reached an impasse over the budget. The president, with help from the media, was able to paint the representatives as villains. The Republicans became weak and cowardly politicians unwilling to stand with their constituencies. Henceforth, the federal government has accumulated a nation destroying debt now exceeding $16 trillion.

Recently, the Wisconsin state government also reached a stalemate. The Democratic Party representatives hid out for weeks in Illinois motels. An attempt to impeach the Wisconsin governor failed, but the jury is still out on the future of Wisconsin. Last year the Minnesota state government was over $5 billion in debt and considered by the business world to be like California and Michigan, a ridiculous area in which to invest. Minnesota House Republicans and the governor each stood firmly on the ground chosen by their separate electorate. Both rightly exemplified their convictions under the state constitution. Sadly some Minnesota services were closed temporarily, and unfortunately the media was able to paint the House Republicans as villains. Since I favor fiscal responsibility for the sake of our Minnesota children, and the future of the democratic government with a two-party system, I am going to vote for Rich Murray in the hope that sanity can be firmly established in the Minnesota state government.

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The newer ideology that at its core was founded on the principle that, “The end justifies the means,” must be trumped by the biblical principle, “We control how we think and feel,” or the struggle for liberty to develop among all citizens of this beautiful nation will not continue.


Jerrold Dettle

Albert Lea