Baby’s personality shows more every day

Published 10:11 am Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Column: Pothole Prairie, by Tim Engstrom

This week, my 4-month old son, Jasper, wrote my column. Seriously.

OK, not seriously. But let’s pretend he did:

Jasper Engstrom

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I’m cute.

I’m growing big.

I like to smile and giggle.

I can hold my head up all by myself.

I am learning to sit up.

I stare at faces now instead of just at lights.

I grab at my toys.

I try to eat my hands when I am hungry.

I am teething.

I am constipated, and I fart a lot.

I love my big brother. He is a little person like me.

My big brother makes noises that grab my attention.

I like it when Mommy or Daddy change my diaper. It makes me smile.

I like looking at the Noah’s Ark quilt on the wall in the living room.

What is my brother doing now?

I drool a lot.

I smile when wrapped in a blanket.

I have to get shots on Wednesday. It’ll hurt, and I will cry.

I don’t cry very much, though. I grunt when I need something. Mommy and Daddy go get what they think I need. Sometimes they are right. Sometimes they are wrong. I can’t wait to learn to talk.

Grunt. Grunt.

Mommy loves to hold me. Daddy loves to play with me.

I am very curious. I like to put objects in my mouth. It’s a good way to figure out what something is.

Hey, what is this box with pictures and sound that Mommy and Daddy are watching?

I have never had a haircut and hope I never need one.

What is my big brother doing now?

Mommy and Daddy love each other. That makes me a lucky baby.

I go to day care. My big brother calls it The Children’s Center. I like it there. I have great teachers, and I get to play with other babies.

Daddy says I like the Minnesota Vikings, whatever that is.

I turn my head from side to side when Mommy or Daddy tries to feed me when I am not hungry.

I don’t want to drink my bottle right now, Mommy.

I said I don’t want to drink my bottle right now, Mommy.

I just started playing in a saucer. It has a seat that lets me sort of stand. It has toys. It has blocks on a string. It has a keyboard. It has a little house with a mirror for a roof. It has a butterfly on a bendy pole. It has rings on a bar. It has a ball with balls inside it that make noise.

I giggle when Mommy or Daddy pulls my shirt over my head.

I smile when I see our doggy. She is a nice doggy, but I make a grumpy face when she licks me.

I like baths. They make me giggle and smile. Soap and water feel nice and make me clean.

What is my big brother doing now?

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