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ATF shouldn’t have it both ways


I sit and wonder if there is more we all can do to slow the fall of what we call “freedom.” The ATF can lose 2,000-plus weapons to straw buyers and only recover around 710 of them. (Search for “ATF gun walking scandal” on Ask.com.) Of which, some were involved in crimes and a death of a border patrol officer. Not much said after that. But they can shut down a man’s livelihood who kept things as above board and legal as he could. Wow!

Now the Minnesota lawmakers want a 35 percent pay increase over the next couple of years. They don’t pay for medical after two terms; get a retirement package and other perks not in the public’s eye. They let our government shut down and in my opinion they should all have been fired for not doing their jobs. A pay increase?


I’m not too happy with a lot of things either:



Vikings stadium.

Big Oil.


My family and friends hear it from me all the time.

Sorry. That’s my rant.


LeRoy “Willy” Williams Jr.
Albert Lea