Editorial: Speed patrol was a successful plan

Published 10:01 am Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We were pleased to see the news about local law enforcement focusing on the problem of speeding on local streets and highways. The Freeborn County sheriff’s deputies and Albert Lea police officers handed out 111 citations July 6 through 21.

For illegal or unsafe speeds, 30 motorists were ticketed during the campaign. Eighty-one other drivers were cited for various offenses. That includes 22 drivers cited for driving without a valid license, five cited for drug offenses, seat belt citations and two arrests for DWIs.

Most drivers tend to drive at or near the speed limit, but many others zip and zoom around like the posted limits aren’t for them. The campaign reminds people to slow down. The limits are for the safety of others who share the road and for the pedestrians and property owners along the sides. We all want motorists to remain in control of their vehicles, and speed limits are key to accomplishing this.

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