Speaking of stats outside the box

Published 9:38 am Monday, September 16, 2013

Statistically speaking, the law is useless when it comes to preventing crimes.

Statistically speaking, the safety helmet will not protect a child from the thing that is most likely to kill him or her — a parent or stepparent who bullies — no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Statistically speaking, a wedding ring increases your chance to be killed, and the reason murder is the most-often-solved crime is because it is usually a marital or abusive partner. Very few other crimes not involving entrapment ever get solved.

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Statistically speaking, most violent crime is done under the influence of alcohol, which is more likely to enhance aggressive tendencies, while dopers just intend to do something.

Statistically speaking, the most common cause of homelessness is parent’s hate, and subsequent death on the streets is by bullies who know their deaths will never be investigated or even added to the statistics on crime.

Statistically speaking, nearly all sexual abuse is done by parents, close relations or someone who chooses an authoritative role, not strangers who give books to kids, despite gossip on Minnesota Avenue.

Statistically speaking, most police deaths are caused by car crashes, and in 70 percent of them, the police were not wearing seat belts.


Diane Kadrmas
Albert Lea