Sell expertise to tropical farmers

Published 9:32 am Friday, October 18, 2013

We must write our elected officers about a possible way out of the current fiscal crises, (which are being postponed at best):

We should sell to the world’s tropical rainforest owners the expertise for harvesting their land much more profitably (and sustainability.) This is discussed at, which has links to various rainforest organizations who might supply the experts. If we take a quarter of the profits for a certain number of years, it might solve our problems. It might mean temporarily raising the debt limit, but only for the last time.

For subsistence farmers, discusses how crops in the rainforests can be grown between rows of inga trees, providing mulch and other things that allow the same land to be cultivated over and over. This can be taught from neighbor to neighbor.

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The cutting down of trees for firewood can be eliminated with help from Solar Cookers International. It is claimed that it costs $5 to make a solar cooker lasting five years. It may cost more to ship. Solar Cookers International can be contacted at


Alex Sokolow
Santa Monica, Calif.