Is being a GOP writer so wrong?

Published 9:37 am Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Apparently, according to Art Anderson from Albert Lea, you have to disclose something you used to do as a volunteer in order to be qualified to write a letter to the editor. Really? Qualifications for the First Amendment now, too?

Yes, I used to be the volunteer Minnesota editor for GOPUSA no longer has state editors, and I no longer write for them in any capacity. For full disclosure, did Mr. Art Anderson tell you that?

I write letters throughout Minnesota including my own district on issues facing Minnesota — does Mr. Anderson from Albert Lea have a problem with that? Or do we have territorial limits on the First Amendment like the liberals want to do with the Second?

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You do notice that Mr. Anderson — no relation to me — does not make any attempt to defend the dismal record of Shannon Savick. Hmm, why not? Instead, he attacks me, for which there is no basis. Typical tactic when the facts are not on your side.

So, yes, I am a taxpayer and voter in Lonsdale and think you have every right to know about the issues I write about whether I am your neighbor or not!

Did you disclose your former Freeborn County DFL Party chairman affiliation when writing your letter, Art? Good grief.


David Anderson