Editorial: A refresher in bicycle safety

Published 9:50 am Wednesday, July 8, 2015

With summer underway, more people are out riding their bicycles for leisureb to work or other errands.

Whether people are simply riding on the street or in a designated bike lane, it is important to follow the guidelines in place under state statute.

On roadways, bicyclists should ride in the same direction of traffic as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway. The exception to that is when passing a vehicle moving in the same direction or when preparing to turn left at an intersection or into a private driveway.

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Bicyclists must also do the following:

• Obey all traffic control signs and signals that motorists must obey.

• Ride with reflectors and lamps on at night and in dim light.

• Only ride a bicycle with working brakes.

• Carry only the number of people on a bicycle for which it is designed.

• Hold arm signal continuously for 100 feet before turning or when stopped and waiting to turn. Use left arm to signal turns.

Motorists on the road with bicyclists should maintain a safe distance when passing.

A few other guidelines to point out for motorists:

• When on a road with bike lanes, cars can legally cross a bike lane and pull to the right of the street when turning right, provided no bicyclists are coming. The same idea is true when getting to driveways, alleys and other turning locations. It is safer to pull into the bike lane before turning right because other motorists and bike riders can clearly know your intentions. If they didn’t see your blinker, they at least saw how you pulled to the right before turning.

• When parking exists on the other side of a bike lane, drivers can cross the lane to get to the parking, provided