Concert Review: Tyler Farr performs at county fair

Published 9:34 am Friday, August 7, 2015

Tyler Farr performs Thursday at the Freeborn County Fair. - Colleen Harrison/Albert Lea Tribune

Tyler Farr performs Thursday at the Freeborn County Fair. – Colleen Harrison/Albert Lea Tribune

A Missouri native and country star performed on Thursday at the Freeborn County fair.

In his fifth year in the music business, Tyler Farr sang and wooed the crowd on the third night of the fair.

After 15-year-old Lillie Nielsen sang the national anthem, the crowd cheered Farr onto the stage and into his opening song “C.O.U.N.T.R.Y.”

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He followed this with another song, “Ain’t Even Drinking.”

He then proceeded to thank the crowd for being there. It gets tiring, he said, but the reason he gets up on stage has been because of the country folks like those who attended the concert.

The now-pumped crowd clapped with Farr to his popular song “Whiskey in My Water.”

For his fourth song performance, he sang “Bet Your A**.”

From there, Farr became serious and showed his admiration for his country. He asked those who had served in the past to raise their hands, and many did.

“All these people with their hands raised, we love you,” Farr said. “Thank you for everything you do.”

The band then set up for the song dedicated to those who served, “Makes You Wanna Drink.”

Then, Farr played around with bystanders and sang a line of “Happy Birthday” to a show-goer.

He touched the crowd with his song, “Suffer in Peace”, and brought them back up with “Poor Boy.”

After those two songs, Farr performed one of his hits, “A Guy Walks Into a Bar.” It was well-known enough for the listeners to become the singers and finish lines of the chorus.

“The louder you guys scream, the better we play,” Farr said.

He then sang “I Don’t Even Want This Beer”, and dedicated “Better in Boots” to the country girls.

By now the crowd was lively and invested. He got the crowd even more excited with his two songs “Withdrawals” and “Redneck Crazy.”

Just when everyone believed it was the end, the band’s drummer, Mark Poiesz, gave a beat to Iggy Azalea’s hit song “Fancy.”

Farr returned onto stage with two more songs, “Best of You” by the Foo Fighters and “Chicks, Trucks, and Beer.”

He then hopped down from stage, grabbed a little boy to help say his final goodbyes and then left the stage.