Cruz wins in both Worth, Winnebago counties

Published 9:40 pm Monday, February 1, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz won the Worth County and Winnebago County caucuses Monday night as caucus-goers turned out in record numbers.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Cruz won by two votes over presidential hopeful Donald Trump at the Worth County Republican caucuses in Manly, Iowa.

Worth County results are as follows:

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• Ted Cruz: 115 votes

• Donald Trump: 113 votes

• Marco Rubio: 55 votes

• Ben Carson: 25 votes

• Mike Huckabee: 18 votes

• Rand Paul: 14 votes

• Carly Fiorina: 11 votes

• Jeb Bush: 8 votes

• Chris Christie: 6 votes

• John Kasich: 5 votes

Worth County Republican caucus leaders said they had a record turnout of 374 people in attendance, more than double the former record.

The Iowa Republican Party shows Winnebago County results as follows:

• Ted Cruz: 187 votes

• Marco Rubio: 128 votes

• Donald Trump: 115 votes

• Ben Carson: 91 votes

• Mike Huckabee: 27 votes