Prints available for Big Island Rendezvous

Published 10:40 am Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The Big Island Rendezvous announces the creation of the 30th print by artist Eloise Adams. The print can be seen for the first time at the Rendezvous site.

Featured at the top left are the members of the popular Canadian musical group RPR, formerly known as Tanglefoot. Top right shows a young woman going to pick up wood for her lodge. Also depicted are other re-enactors, including Caroline Neale and Marge Brackey, who work in the information tent. Also at the bottom are Bourgeois, Perry Vining and “The Amazing Badabis” — the jugglers who entertain with skill and humor.

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The early settlers couldn’t always travel the distance to the trading post for supplies so they would rendezvous at the site and wait for trading wagons to come to them. Because they lived such solitary lives, when they were together it was a time for sharing stories, food and having fun. There would be music and dancing.

The limited edition prints are numbered and signed. Some are black and white and some are hand-painted. Proceeds from the sale of prints help fund the two student days when thousands of area students come and learn about their heritage.