Halverson Star Students: Patrol students

Published 9:00 am Sunday, October 9, 2016

(Answers from patrol captains Wesley Ohl and Olivia Wegner)

How did you get to be patrol captains?   

Wesley and Olivia:  In fourth grade, a month before the end of the year, the other patrol captains came in and talked to us about the responsibilities and about patrol camp.  We had to write an essay about why we would be good captains and about responsibility and respect. Then, several teachers read the essays and chose the captains. It is usually a girl and a boy.

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What is the most rewarding thing about being a patrol captain?

Wesley: Probably helping our community and keeping others safe. All the patrol kids are doing a great job. They don’t horse around when they are patrolling.

Olivia: Helping kids cross the road safely so they get home safely. The patrol kids are doing a really great job. They handle things really well and are confident when they have to talk to kids or parents.   

What is the most challenging thing about being a patrol captain?

Olivia: Making the schedule is hard because there are a ton of bus kids and not a lot walkers so it makes it hard to schedule enough kids, especially in the front of the building.

Wesley: The most challenging thing is making sure everyone gets a turn with the scheduling because of the number of bus kids.

Both:  It is also challenging when parents don’t want to use the crosswalk and we ask them to. The crosswalk is the safest place for everyone to cross the street. However, the bike riders have been good about walking their bikes until they are off school grounds.

How was camp (Legionville Safety Camp)?

Wesley:  It was good for the most part. Our cabin did a lot of games and we played a lot of baseball and softball and I liked the free time. The food was really good. The bus emergency stuff was interesting. It was nice hanging out with new kids.

Olivia:  It was great. We learned about pedestrian, bus  and bike safety. A state patrol officer came to help train us.  We played a lot of sports, canoeing and swimming. I loved meeting kids from other schools and hanging out with them.