Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

Published 9:00 am Sunday, March 12, 2017

To food donated last weekend to the Albert Lea Salvation Army.

Thanks to all who organized the food drive and donated food last weekend at the Eagles Club for the Albert Lea Salvation Army.

The drive collected $382 and 704 pounds of food.

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There is another big food drive next weekend for the Salvation Army and the Ecumenical Food Pantry through the Scouting for Food effort. Let’s continue to support our local food shelves — particularly this month as the donations go farther.

To the first traffic fatality in Freeborn County in 2017.

We were saddened to hear news Thursday of the first traffic fatality in Freeborn County of 2017. The crash took place on an icy patch of Interstate 35 south of Clarks Grove.

The woman who died was 37 years old and was from Austin.

We remind residents to take extra precautions when driving on slippery roadways and to always wear your seat belt.

To a proposal to include a teacher representative at Albert Lea School Board meetings.

We were pleased to hear a proposal discussed Monday to add a teacher representative at the Albert Lea School Board meetings.

The role of the teacher would be similar to student board members who give reports to the board. They would not be voting members.

What better way to hear back about the needs of the district than to hear from teachers who are working day in and day out with the students. It shows teachers that their opinions are welcomed. 

We encourage the board to approve this at the next board meeting March 20.