GOP chairwoman denounces Facebook post

Published 10:54 pm Tuesday, May 2, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS — The chairwoman of the Republican Party of Minnesota said the person responsible for a racist and derogatory Facebook post on a party website has resigned at her request.

Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan issued a statement Monday night after the posting appeared on the Facebook page of Minnesota’s Seventh Congressional District Republican Party. It featured racist, derogatory language superimposed on a photo of Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, who is black.

Carnahan called the posting “repugnant hate speech” that “in no way reflects the values of the Minnesota Republican Party.”

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The Facebook posting was up for several hours Monday night before it was taken down. Minnesota DFL Chair Ken Martin said in a statement that “there has been a disturbing increase in this type of threatening behavior and fear-mongering since the election of Donald Trump.”

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