Letter: Bennett votes with Republican caucus

Published 1:00 am Monday, May 22, 2017

By the time this letter is printed, the governor and the Legislature may have worked out the differences in the bills still facing them.

But I must say, I have been most impressed with Gov. Mark Dayton’s resolve. He has called the Republican Legislature on their habit of loading budget bills with other policy changes. I thought that Republicans ran on putting forward clean bills. They certainly did not this session.

As a teacher, I am particularly unhappy with the Republican unwillingness to appropriately fund education. What can be more important than that? I am also grateful to Gov. Dayton for supporting high standards for teachers in Minnesota. We often lead the nation in our educational accomplishments, so why would Republicans want to put unqualified people in front of our students?

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As a citizen, I am not happy with Republican efforts to shut down protests by increasing the consequences of protesting. I think we need to be wary of efforts by the government at any level to make it difficult for the people to protest injustice or wrong doing.

So while I am grateful for Gov. Dayton’s strength and leadership, I am disappointed in my representative, Peggy Bennett. As I have watched her votes over the last session, I have seen her vote unfailingly with her Republican caucus. That is not leadership.

Mary Hinnenkamp

Albert Lea