Letter: Feelings of an officer’s wife

Published 9:02 pm Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I’m sure you’ve heard how much women love a man in uniform, but what does it really feel like to be married to a law enforcement officer? Let me tell you about the emotional roller coaster.

I am angry. I am angry that I fear for my husband’s life every time he walks out the door. I’m angry that these heroes are gunned down, murdered and targeted for simply doing their job. I am angry that the media does not honor these fallen officers. I am angry that every time an officer protects his or her own life, they are automatically assumed to be in the wrong.

I am lonely. I am lonely because after the kids have gone to bed, it’s just me. I am lonely because I do not want to attend your wedding, birthday party or barbecue alone, but I will.

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I am busy. I am busy hauling my kids to sporting events that I know nothing about. I am busy taking the kids to the park or grocery store just so Dad can have a few hours of peace and quiet to actually sleep. I am busy getting everyone ready for work and school before the sun is up. 

I am frustrated. I am frustrated that I spent hours in the kitchen prepping a meal that will be cold by the time my husband gets home. I am frustrated that we cannot shop or eat at certain places because of what he does. I am frustrated that I have to tuck my kids in alone when they’ve been asking all day to see Daddy.

I am happy. I am happy that every time my kids see a police car they smile and wave. I am happy that when they hear sirens, they ask if Dad is keeping us safe. I am happy that my husband has a job he truly loves. I am happy when I hear the garage door open and the tear of Velcro (even at 4 a.m.) because it means he’s home.

I am thankful. I am thankful to live in a community that respects its officers. I am thankful to have an amazing group of women who understand this lifestyle.

Most of all, I am proud. I am proud of the profession my husband chose. I am proud to tell people he is a police officer (even if his job is secretly a tree trimmer to those we may not know well enough yet). I am proud of the hard work, dedication, selflessness and determination he puts in on a daily basis.

I am a police wife.

This week is National Police Week. Please take the time to thank our officers for all they do and all the sacrifices they make.

Kari Charboneau

Albert Lea