Letter: Give Trump a fair chance to prove campaign promise

Published 11:04 pm Friday, May 26, 2017

I am proud to stand as an ardent President Trump supporter.

While I am a conservative, I am not in lock-step with the Republican Party — far from it! The Republicans should be focused on pushing a broad conservative agenda.

Instead of doing what they were elected to do, conservatives are bickering like a bunch of adolescents. They are playing defense like they were the minority.

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President Trump has made some mistakes during his first months in office, he is mortal, not the son of God. However, I am very impressed at what he has accomplished in the face of a hostile congress and media. He has been steadfast in his efforts to fulfill his campaign promises.

If appointing Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court were his only accomplishment, I would be satisfied. Gorsuch is not a wild-eyed conservative, as many have portrayed him, but a constitutional scholar, who will do his best to see that America functions under the rule of law and the Constitution.

I have followed Trump carefully since he was elected. Perhaps he talks too much and is not politically correct. But, unlike most politicians, he does not speak out of both sides of his mouth. You know exactly what he is thinking. I find his words more informative than the carefully crafted utterances that spout from the mouths of most politicians. These pompous elected idiots are part of the D.C. swamp and can espouse for hours saying nothing. They only have one goal, image, power, re-election and lining their pockets. Oops, that’s four goals — all self-serving. Serving their electorate is not one.

I find the Democrats — and yes sadly many Republicans — are determined to maintain their status quo on the Washington, D.C., gravy train despicable. This loathsome cadre will do everything in their power to destroy Trump who is threatening their “decadent” way of life.

So far this conservative Congress has accomplished almost nothing. I find their weak kneed, faint-hearted actions troubling. They were not ready to be the majority party. They have no game plan to accomplish issues they have been espousing for years.

All the talk about Trump and Russian collusion is a red herring. While Russia is not our friend, she is not America’s mortal enemy. I suspect that Russia tried to meddle in our election. However, America does the same, we often try to influence foreign elections. Why would Russia support Trump? At best he was a long shot. It was Hillary who gave them over 20 percent of America’s uranium supplies and promoted the reset button. But then Hillary was already in their pocket, after all they had already given tens of millions to the Clinton Foundation. If they tried to cultivate Trump, they were simply covering their bases. Obama had his chance. He failed miserably. The least we can do is give President Trump a fair chance to prove he can “Make America Great Again.”

Sadly there are many who do not want to see America succeed.

Don Sorensen

Albert Lea