Letter: Continue efforts shown to nation

Published 9:01 pm Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I have been continually reading about Mayo. Coming across items of interest I would like to share, I ran across this statement in print. Mayo focuses on caring for patients with more serious complex illnesses. This statement reeks of injustices. In a video from 2016. Dr. Noseworthy, president/CEO of Mayo, tells the employees to prioritize treating patients with commercial insurance over patients who use Medicare or Medicaid who have the similar conditions.

What are the first words Dr. Noseworthy heard entering the medical field. It is an oath stating, “First, do no harm.”

So how does Dr. Noseworthy run Mayo when he can’t run the satellite campuses and do them justice. It is said Dr. Noseworthy’s leadership style brings a lot of smart individuals together, doing what one individual can’t do alone. A lot of smart individuals that is an answer.

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To do justice means to do no harm. These words are used in other areas in society, not just the medical field. Mayo is given the case of restructuring the Albert Lea and Austin campuses, leaving each to operate at 95 percent.

Albert Lea was informed that 5 percent of the patients were not utilizing inpatient beds.  They were also informed that the injuries and  complexities of illness cases don’t justify the ICU beds. In restructuring,  these services would go to Austin. Albert Lea in the process would receive inpatient psychiatric services. Now Austin has acquired the medical services needed for a full-service, acute-care hospital to operate. Albert Lea is no longer considered a full-service hospital. What an injustice to Albert Lea.

But you with determination have chosen to fight back with the goal to get back the full-service, acute-care hospital.

Continue the great efforts that you are showing to the nation. Bring back rural healthcare by saving our hospital in Albert Lea.

Scott Doyle